Make sense of the insurance market


A hardening market can mean higher premiums and tougher underwriting decisions – so it pays to get an expert on your team.

Managing cyber risks while staff work from home


Heightened cyber risks have emerged as a serious issue, given most businesses now have many staff working from home.

Why small businesses need product liability insurance


Product liability cover can vary, with claims depending on the individual business and the product it sells. Regardless, Product liability will ensure you are protected from the inevitable mishap.

How to stay smart online this Christmas

Business, Specialty

Thanks to our friends at DUAL Australia Pty Ltd, here are some tips for staying smart online over the Christmas season.

Speed and it’s effect on stopping distances

Business, Personal

Speeding is a major challenge in road safety, largely due to its prevalence as a behaviour. It is estimated that speed-related crashes in New South Wales alone cost the community around $750 million per annum....

6 tips to avoid rear end collisions

Business, Personal

In 2014, rear end collisions accounted for 21% of Vero’s commercial motor vehicle claims. This crash type was second only to car park related incidents including collisions with objects or third party vehicles.

The silver lining of customer complaints


A customer has made a complaint about the behaviour of one of your team.

6 tips to avoid reversing collisions

Business, Personal

Reversing collisions are one of the most common claim types experienced by Vero motor fleet customers, despite the fact that only a small proportion of time is spent driving a vehicle in reverse. While these types of...

Contractors and your business – minimising your exposures

Business, Featured

Contractors can save you time and money by helping you to manage workload spikes, fill temporary resource gaps, perform specialist services and run defined projects. But they can also expose you to a range of...

What Businesses Should Know About Water Damage

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Whether it’s from a leaky hot water system or a flood, did you know that, according to Chubb claims data, your office is more likely to have water damage than damage from a fire? If your business owns or leases...