What is Volunteer Insurance?

Whether you run a charity, a not-for-profit, or regular live events, volunteer insurance exists to protect both you and the volunteers that work for you. From music festival ticket collectors to ongoing charity...

Why do I need Professional Indemnity insurance?

Mistakes can happen. If your business is found liable for negligence, the costs can be financially devastating. Not only could you be subject to an expensive lawsuit, but your business’s hard-earned reputation may be...

How to reduce business operating costs – no matter what your industry

Business owners can save a lot of money by making adjustments to the way they operate. Discover three steps you can take to reduce your expenses, regardless of the sector in which you’re engaged.

What you need to know about the claims process

No business wants nasty surprises. So, when an adverse incident means you need to claim on your insurance policy, we will manage the process on your behalf.

Our expertise will help save you time, money, and...

The hidden costs of equipment breakdown

Unreliable equipment can be the death knell for a business, with the costs of equipment failure and downtime tricky to accurately predict and calculate. The cost extends well beyond the expense of new parts. You also...

Protecting your business as it grows

Now that Australia seems to have steered out of a short-term pandemic recession, a strong economy is the flavour of the moment. More than eight in 10 Australian CEOs expect organic business growth this year,...

Why is Management Liability insurance important for your business?

Conflicts arising from the workplace have become increasingly common, in particular with current market conditions affected by the global pandemic. SMEs are subject to legal action which can be financially...

The low-down on your insurance options for second hand equipment


Will today’s bargain be tomorrow’s burden? With used business, farming, and construction equipment in high demand, it’s worth assessing the benefits and risks of buying secondhand.

Are you all aboard with the new risks to goods in transit?


If your company orders, receives or sends goods in transit, you’ll have noticed supply chains are a different ball game thanks to the impact of COVID-19. In this article, we’ll outline the changes and how they...

Social media risks for your business

Business, Featured, General

Social media is everywhere. It’s unavoidable, it’s powerful, and it’s here to stay.