Off-season checklist for boat owners

One of the tricks to maintaining a boat, is using them… using your boat often means you will notice anomalies if they arise and can attend to any issues regularly.

Florian's Tudor Insurance Experience

As you know, the rule is that boats in the marina must be insured including the minimum $10 m public liability. Well, I’d now like to share the experience that Yvonne and I had when we sailed to Port Davey on the south...

Insurance for accountants

Being a numbers person, you probably already know how much of an asset your business is to you. Having the right insurance for your own business is a key part you should not miss. 

Cyber Insurance Alert regarding APACHE LOG4J Vulnerability

A serious software weakness in Apache software is exposing billions of devices globally. Log4j is a software utility that has been integrated into countless apps and IT platforms.

Plan for New Year insurance review

We’ve made it to the end of the year. Now is one of the best times to review your insurance and ensure that your cover is keeping up with the changes in the market and within your business.

Business Insurance over the festive season


With Christmas fast approaching, it is often the busiest and most stressful time of the year for many businesses. While we rejoice for the increase in customers and sales, the increase in activity can mean extra risk...

La Niña likelihood increases


It is that time of the year again, La Niña event is imminent. La Niña brings an increase in rainfall which in turn increases the risks of flooding and water damage to properties. The bad news is that the chances of a...

What is Volunteer Insurance?

Whether you run a charity, a not-for-profit, or regular live events, volunteer insurance exists to protect both you and the volunteers that work for you. From music festival ticket collectors to ongoing charity work,...

Why do I need Professional Indemnity insurance?

Mistakes can happen. If your business is found liable for negligence, the costs can be financially devastating. Not only could you be subject to an expensive lawsuit, but your business’s hard-earned reputation may be...

How to reduce business operating costs – no matter what your industry

Business owners can save a lot of money by making adjustments to the way they operate. Discover three steps you can take to reduce your expenses, regardless of the sector in which you’re engaged.